The Funding Opportunities Advisory Group

The Funding Opportunities Advisory Group (FOAG) specialises in enabling clients to access and manage European and national funding.

There is usually no time to conduct a comprehensive review of the full proposal draft. You will be typically focusing on small details but possibly missing the big picture.

Another frequent mistake dismissing the importance of the Excellence section. Potentially centred on showing much desired impact with a dull technology/product hardly able to engage the evaluator when he/she starts reading your proposal. Just losing your chances from the very first moment. 

Because your (lost) time matters, The Funding Opportunities Advisory Group is now providing 2 differential services added to traditional holistic application management (which we also dress by setting up a multidisciplinary team): 1) Expert review of R&D/innovation project proposals and 2) Excellence section writing of such proposals.

Funding iconThe Last Reading

The Last Reading allows you to test the quality of your proposal by receiving an objective assessment from a seasoned evaluator. To make a difference. To get the funding you need.

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Strategic Consultancy iconThe Optimal Excellence Writing

The Optimal section writing allows you to ensure your proposal clearly stands above the state-of-the-art, so that a very relevant technical ambition can be demonstrated, thus clearing your route to approval.

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Donor Co-ordination iconHolistic application management

Our traditional funding application consultancy service comprises a full-cycle support, from the very beginning (scoping study) of the process till its end (economic and technical reporting), encompassing the preparation and submission of the proposal as per the highest quality standards.

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