The Last Reading

The Last Reading

Bid writing is somehow like software coding: when you have a first version of your full work, you are usually far from achieving a professional (impactful) result.

Furthermore, as happens when coding software, the developer (the writer) is the worst tester: your love for your work makes you assume weaknesses which can be clearly spotted by a third person not involved in bid writing.

The Last Reading allows you to test the quality of your proposal before submitting it by means of an objective assessment from a seasoned evaluator. To make a difference. To get the funding you need.

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If you want to avoid any content flaws ruining your success chances, contact us!

Maximise your success chances

Coherence and general soundness are of paramount importance to convince an evaluator .. while incoherence and lack of technical ambition, impact and credibility can ruin your overall success chances.

Our well-proven methodology comprises 5 steps:

  • Skim: high-level reading for understanding the proposal and asking pertinent questions.
  • Scan: low-level reading to extract key points.
  • Compare: evaluation of the relevance of key points extracted as per the evaluation guidelines / criteria.
  • Comment: comments embedded in the proposal suggesting and detailing modifications to improve the adherence to guidelines and subsequently the particular and general marks.
  • Explain: an online call (onsite meetings possible but involving additional costs) to explain the comments and to provide general recommendations.

    To fully and successfully implement the described methodology, we commit a team of highly-skilled human resources: 1 expert evaluator of proposals in your field of expertise and related funding programme + 1 high-level manager.

    Our Expert review service includes programmes such as: Digital Europe, Horizon Europe (RIA, IA, SME-oriented), Eureka, Innovation Fund, and LIFE.

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