The Optimal Excellence Writing

The Excellence section is usually the first to be assessed .. the one which either makes the evaluator fall in love with your proposal or alternatively paves the way for him/her rejecting it.

The Optimal section writing allows you to ensure your proposal clearly stands above the state-of-the-art, so that a very relevant technical ambition can be demonstrated, thus clearing your route to approval.

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If you are DOUBTFUL about the AMBITION of your Excellence section, contact us!

Excellence section: too early to win, but not to lose it all

While impact section has recently seen growing its relevance and therefore the expertise/skills around its writing, Excellence section is the first to be read by the evaluator, so you can leverage it to cause a very good impression (impact) to increase your success chances .. or to spoil them if you mismanage this opportunity to shine!

Our well-proven approach to Excellence section writing comprises 4 stages:

  • Context: creating the perfect “landing ground” for your proposal so that you can successfully make your case afterwards.
  • Objectives: precisely defining objectives (as per the SMART principles: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-Bound) targeting main call’s priorities as a first step to build an outstanding proposal.
  • Ambition: precisely defining the state-of-the-art and measuring the gap between the outcome of your proposal and the baseline to 
  • Methodology:  scientific and technology approach / framework to achieve the objectives of your project, as well as other key issues: interdisciplinarity, gender balance, adherence to open science principles, data management plan, etc.

To fully and successfully implement the described methodology, we commit a team of highly-skilled human resources: 1 expert evaluator of proposals in your field of expertise and related funding programme + 1 high-level manager.

Our optimal Excellence writing service includes programmes such as: Digital Europe