Aid Donor

Aid Donor

Aid donor coordination is a new service offered by FOAG to governments, public organisations, NGOs and private companies.

Co–ordinating aid from international donors is a complex task, often delivered in challenging and fast-moving contexts.

It requires specific skills and resources. FOAG has at its disposal consultants with unique skills in large-scale donor co–ordination activities.

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Please Contact:

Agim Tonuzi, Chief Executive Officer,
Funding Opportunities Advisory Group
Tel: 00 33 (0)6 26 01 02 78

Maximise Donor Funding

FOAG will put at your disposal a professional with experience in aid donor co–ordination in the international context.

  • Have you achieved a lot with donor funding over recent years but you would like to be challenged to deliver more?
  • Do you have the conviction that you could deliver greater impact by working more effectively with donors?
  • Could you improve the way you communicate with donors, presenting your achievements and explaining challenges?
  • Do you need to obtain more funding?
  • Would you like to improve the effectiveness of your existing team responsible for donor co-ordination?
  • Could your systems be better prepared for the funding challenges to come for your organisation?
  • Would you like to perform better as an individual with responsibilities for donor relations?

A FOAG expert can act on a temporary basis as a donor co–ordination officer undertaking a specific mission that can last from a few days up to several months. We can be by your side to organise events, produce documentation, etc. Fees can be structured on a case-by-case basis within an interim management agreement.